Blurb: Catharsis on Paper

A writer describes her experience writing 

People who read what I write probably think that I’m dark. Sometimes I feel that way. But most of the time I enjoy thinking deeply, which can bring a person to dense topics. Dare I say that one must tear and rip apart until fingertips become dull to uncover understanding? Now, the reader asks, ‘why so graphic and clinical?’ Probably because I feel things physically what I think about mentally. I translate to the reader my own sensation being locked in a cage.

Well, there it is. Maybe I am all of those things I imagined people think of me. But maybe I’m none of those things and, on the contrary, I am excelling within this cage.
“On paper everything leaves me.
Amidst the depth, the grotto uncovered, it is as if I’m basking in daylight.
Other pressing ideas beckon me
 to more unknown
A pensive gaze passes over me ‘what belongs beneath this grotto?’
I lean against a shovel anticipating sweat on my brow.”



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